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Tile Deck-o-Seal Mastic Service in California & Arizona.

The gap between pool structure and decking is caulked with a sealant, typically mastic or deck-o-seal®. While these sealants are pretty resilient, they tend to lose their strength over the years.

When a pool is first built the installation of mastic is a very important and key element in preserving the structural integrity of the pool. New mastic’s major role is to serve as a flex joint between the new coping and the new deck. This allows movement as the pool settles in the first few stages of its life. What we are trying to prevent is the coping and deck moving in unison, thus causing cracks in the concrete, coping to shift out of place, tiles dislodging, and pool gunite damage.

Pool mastic doesn’t last as long as the structures it protects. Our service consists of removing and replacing old mastic around pools and spas. We first remove the old mastic with a reciprocating blade. Separating the old material from the deck and the coping.

Once we dispose of the old mastic, we prep for the new mastic. This entails pouring 30 grit sand into the void we have created between the deck and coping. This allows an even, and new surface for the new deck o seal to be installed. The new mastic is a self  leveling liquid. Upon installation we must use special care and attention as to not “over pour” mastic on either existing coping or deck. This is a time sensitive material to work with, as it will cure at an exponential rate.

Once new mastic has been poured in any area that needs repair, the final step is to coat the fresh mastic with a layer of sand. This has two affects. Primarily the sand will mix with the deck o seal and create a tougher bond. This will help combat the expansion and contraction that is inevitable with the changing of temperatures through the seasons. Secondly it gives the mastic a textured appearance that will blend in with existing grout lines and majority of coping and decks.

As part of the pool mastic repair service, Pool Rehab caulks the gap between pool coping and deck with brand new sealant to prevent any damage to the bondbeam or pool. Pool tile cleaning or Pool artificial rock paintingshould to applied to make the swimming more beautiful.

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