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Premier Pool Tile Repair Services for a Stunning and Functional Pool

#1 Tile Repair Services

A pool that is missing tiles is like a mouth that is missing front teeth! It looks ugly and unpresentable. So, the way a person missing a few teeth won’t get a complete set of dentures, you don’t need to replace all the tiles in your pool. Pool Rehab can locate the same tiles for you, and if that’s not possible, we can always find a way to use tiles in a way that either complements or blends well with the existing tiles after which we could apply pool tile cleaning or mastic removal.

There are a number of factors that can result in the need for a tile repair. Poor craftsmanship, age of the pool tile, weather, abuse, highly frequented traffic areas, failure of tile adhesives are all examples of uncontrollable effects that inevitably cause tile damage. One of the most common situations we run across are “failure by design” repairs.

Pool builders often create such extravagant, and elaborate structures and designs for their customers, that they set aside the fact that the customer is sacrificing functionality and practicality, for expensive repairs and long term maintenance costs. Lifted bond beams and vertical walls ultimately result in Gravity taking its toll and pulling tile down into pools. This results in removal and replacement of the majority of the tile in the damaged area to the extreme of retiling entire pools and spas.

We have the ability to locate most tile that is present in pools. However, there are circumstances that arise when a tile is no longer manufactured and we need to present our customer with the best cosmetic, and cost effective solution. This particular service demands skilled experience, vision, and communication with our customers to complete the job. There is an abundance of colors, types, shapes, sizes, and patterns of pool tiles across residential neighborhoods. Finding the proper tiles is always attainable, but we assist our customers in coming to a finished tile repair that can put their minds at ease and get back to enjoying their pool and spa.

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