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Based in Riverside, California, Pool Rehab specializes in restoring your swimming pool back to its old glory! Swimming pool tiles are prone to a ghastly buildup that makes your pool look cheap. Not only is that buildup unpleasant to look at, it also damages your pool. If untreated, it can be very costly to fix. You may have to replace all the tiles if the damage is beyond repair.

Pool Rehab has years of experience fixing exactly that kind of problems. We pride ourselves on restoring pools that were certified as “beyond repair” by other tile cleaning companies and swimming pool contractors. Our precision machinery and innovative cleaning method makes us the best pool tile cleaning company in the Southern California areas. Our groundbreaking technology allows us to clean tiles, brick, artificial and natural rock, flagstone, quartz and Pebble Tec®.

Our Process

Our innovative cleaning method and top of the line machinery allows us to clean thoroughly and more effectively. Water level in the pool is lowered to 6 or 8 inches while cleaning. Eco-friendly glass beads are then sprayed on the tiles at a very low pressure of 40 psi. It is important to know that most companies blast the glass beads at up to 100 psi, which is unsafe and damaging to the tiles. Our unique spraying mechanism ensures safe removal calcium deposits and other buildupwithout any damage to the tiles.

Do you have a pool that needs cleaning?

Unsightly stains and buildup on pool tiles can ruin an otherwise perfect day at the pool. Not only does it look awful, it also affects the quality of water. The amount of buildup increases with time, sometimes to the point that it causes tiles to crack and water to seep through them.

You can avoid these problems by getting the pool tiles serviced so that your pool starts to look like new again.

As part of our service, we offer: pool tile cleaning, deck-o-seal® servicing, pool tile repairing, rock repair (natural & artificial), rock painting and repainting and acid washes.

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Pool Rehab specializes in restoring your swimming pool back to its old glory!

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