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Expert Acid Wash Services in Riverside, CA, and Phoenix, AZ

Acid washing your pool every few years is an excellent way to keep stains off the pool tiles. It is also an effective solution for black algae and helps in removal of unsightly calcium deposits.

The general rule of thumb in the pool industry is to drain and change your pool water every 5 years or so. Pool water accumulates  Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS) over the years. TDS are essentially foreign elements in the water that have negative effects on plaster. These impurities embed themselves into the plaster and show up as stains and streaks. The resulting stains can be very unsightly and damage the longevity of plaster.

Our goal is to treat a pool every five years with a Muriatic acid wash. We drain the pool and spa completely of the contaminated water. We follow up with a mixture of muriatic acid, fresh water and a water soluble gel. These three components are then poured over the entire pool and spa where the tile meets the plaster. The mixture pulls out impurities and aims at restoring plaster to its natural state. We can do this process over white plaster, grey plaster, 3M, and even pebble tech. This is also a great way to ensure preventative maintenance and prolong the life of the plaster.

Pool Rehab uses the mildest chemicals possible and non-abrasive techniques to acid wash your pool and restore its beauty.

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