Pool Scale Removal

Pool scales are caused by the buildup of calcium and other inorganic material on pool sides. At Pool Rehab, we specialize in providing pool scale removal services. Our services are detailed and highly professional. Our qualified experts possess the necessary tools and equipment to remove scale and other mineral buildup from your pool. You can count on our experts to help make your pool safe for swimming once again.

What Is Scaling In Swimming Pools?

Scaling in swimming pools can be described as the appearance of unsightly white to white-grey stain on pool sides. This is an issue that can make your swimming pool less attractive and unusable if left untreated. The scale is a crystalline buildup of inorganic materials (mostly mineral calcium) on pool shells composed of plaster, ceramic tiles, fiberglass, stone and other surfaces commonly found in private and commercial swimming pools.

What Causes Pool Scaling?

Pool scaling results from mineral buildup (mostly calcium). This implies that calcium hardness of the pool water is the major cause of the problem. In addition to calcium hardness, other factors like the pH and alkalinity of the water will also play significant roles in pool scaling. Heat is another factor that contributes to pool scaling. It takes unbalanced water, high pH, high alkalinity, and increased rate of evaporation for a pool scaling to occur.

How Do You Stop Scale in Swimming Pool?

Scaling is often an indication that your swimming pool is unbalanced. If you are able to keep the water in your pool balanced, the chances of swimming pool scaling will be significantly minimized. The most important levels to maintain in a swimming pool to stop scaling include calcium hardness level, pH level and alkalinity level.

To achieve this you will have to test these levels from time to time. Calcium hardness level will depend on where you live and your local water source but it should be between 200 and 400 parts per million. pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6 ppm while alkalinity should be between 80 and 100 ppm. Asides from maintaining these levels, brushing pool walls as part of routine maintenance can help to stop scaling.

How Do You Treat And Remove Scale From The Swimming Pool?

When scale is already an issue in your swimming pool, it is important that you treat and remove it. There are different ways this can be achieved including the use of muriatic acid, vinegar, and pumice stone. The best way you can address the problem, however, is to hire experts to handle it. Experts will not only remove the scale but will address the problem causing scaling in the first place.

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